Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

April 20, 2006


Call to Order


Meeting held April 20, 2006 Michigan State University, Agronomy Farm.


Members and alternates present: Chuck Cousino, Bill Danly, Tony Drautz, Ben Foster,  Ron Lindsay, Ted Loudon, Del Mokma, Randy Gregory, Dan Wagner, and Regina Young.


Guests present: none


Review of agenda. Approved.


Meeting Minutes Reviewed. Motion by Bill Danly, second by Dan Wagner, that the minutes of the March 2, 2006 minutes be approved. Approved.




Website Postings—Ben reported that he has not received information for sign posting.


Commercial Flow Study -- Gary White indicated that he would work on this project. Gary contacted Ted. Ted will get information to him. Fast food and full service restaurants, school, and church data has been collected. Flow volumes have been gathered and additional information regarding seating, seat turnover, number of meals served, etc.


Concrete Septic Tank Manufacturer’s Association --- The most recent version of the inspection document was discussed. Comparisons to the NCSA standards are warranted. Tank overdig distance and risers (cast-in versus retrofit) were discussed. HDPE risers and the inability to obtain a watertight seal (as a retrofit installation) were discussed. Various risers, seals and locking mechanisms are available. The challenge of maintaining “easy” access to the tank for maintenance while keeping the riser lid secure was discussed. Water testing to 2” and no more into the riser was discussed.  Dan, Regina & Tony will work to get a final draft completed.


Dan Wagner reported that NPCA has launched the tank manufacturers certification program. More discussion to occur in future meetings.


Training Center Update --- Chuck to work on a survey for MALEHA regarding training center.  Developing a MOWTEC program for the pumpers has not begun. Consideration of other comparable pumpers’ training programs as a potential source for a training program. Ted can check into other programs. A survey of the pumpers for training needs is being completed by MDEQ. Input from MDEQ will be necessary in creating training programs.  The training program should be mobile.


Community Systems --- Regina reported that the MALEHA Whitepaper regarding community systems has been approved by MALPH. The document will be delivered to MDEQ.


Ric reported that it is anticipated that the Whitepaper will result in improved communication, additional work on the “Regulatory & Technical Guidance for Community On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems Utilizing Subsurface Dispersal” and changes in the administration of community systems.


Treatments system that discharge above the TIN must meet the level 150’ from the discharge point. The methods to demonstrate that the levels can be met require hydrogeological investigation. Phosphorous levels are also being implemented at very low levels. Administrative application of the rules for surface water and/or groundwater discharge will result in an increase in more community systems generating less than 10,000 gpd.


EPA Alternative Systems Database---Regina announced that the TWIST database is available now on the EPA website. Regina will send out the website address for members to request a copy.


Technology and Education Transfer--- The CD’s are unavailable. The publications and presentations list provided by Ted in June 2005 can be referenced for possible resources for technology transfer.


MDEQ Regulatory Structure-- The document is being updated. Ric will email it to the TAC members.





Grab Samples--- Discussion of the method, what it indicates, variation between treatment designs, timing and frequency. Ted reported that grab samples can be indicative of the quality of sand filter type effluent however not for all systems. Ric reported that “grab sample” requirements into local alternative system criteria/codes is being considered at some local health departments. Discussion of the need for a guidance document to explain grab samples and their application. Members are to research information regarding grab samples.


Alternative Systems Processes at LHD—Bill suggested considering a uniform process for the review and permitting of alternative systems. Bill shared the standards for Livingston County. Discussion of the timing and that most locals permitting alternative systems already have processes and share them with each other.


Meeting adjourned at 12:20 PM.


NEXT MEETING June 1, 2006 at the Agronomy Barn




Regina Young, Secretary