Meeting Minutes

Technical Advisory Council for

Onsite Wastewater Treatment

December 16, 2008


Meeting held at 9:45 am in MSU Agronomy Barn (conference room).

Members & alternates present: Chuck Cousino, Ric Falardeau, Randy Gregory, Jim Kovalak,

Ron Lindsay, Ted Loudon, Dan Wagner, Regina Young.

Guest Present: Liz Braddock, Chief of Special Programs, Oakland County

Review of agenda. Motion by Regina Young support by Ron Lindsay to accept agenda.


Review of Minutes: October 10th, 2008 minutes were reviewed and edits made. Motion to

approve as amended by Ted and supported by Dan.


Website postings – Regina forwarded the July minutes to Ben for posting to the web. Ted

identified that NOWRA is offering to support the websites of state affiliates. MOWRA is

considering taking advantage of that program.

Commercial Flow Study – Updated version 4.0 was received via email. The report demonstrates

the clear commitment of the work effort put forth by Macomb county. Manipulating the report in

a subcommittee may allow for completion of the report. Chuck will contact Laura to inform her

that Ric & Ted (sub-committee) will work with Macomb County staff to generate the next draft

for review by the full TAC membership. Discussion about the document included the following.

Expanding on the conclusions and recommendations to include each facility type is needed. This

will allow an explanation of the significance of the data. The charts provide additional

information that may or may not be useful. The data was separated by county and it may be best

to separate the data by facility type. No explanation was given for the wide range in flows in

some of the facility types. Grocery stores were identified as having no statistical difference yet

the flows varied between 24 hour service vs. without 24 hour service. The version does not

include a standard deviation or confidence interval so that one can know the variability of the

data. Reference of the origin of MCCSD needs to reflect actual year. The report should explain

why it was recommended that the number of seat turnovers be removed.

Tollgate Training Center (MOWTEC) – Ron contacted OSI to inquire about a donation. OSI is

taking the request to their Board. Dan contacted NORWECO who will provide the components if

a concrete tank is provided for its installation. There was discussion of the value of establishing

broad categories of the types of technologies. Ric will provide the categories used in other states

to Ted. Using these categories, MOWTEC can work seek to have a system for each category, as it

isn’t possible to have each proprietary system at the facility.

Before expanding the center, Ted pointed out the need to determine the long-term viability of the

center. The letter to send to MSU needs to be completed and distributed to the TAC affiliates by

the mid-January 2009. Chuck will contact Steve to complete the letter before distribution. Regina

will distribute letter with instructions by Chuck for obtaining signature or support from each


Liz will check with Tony on the status of the Groundwater Association’s interest in using

MOWTEC facilities.

Ted planned MOWTEC workday for April 2 & 3, 2009. Need at least 18 volunteers to work. Jim

will provide a small backhoe. Ted & Jim may seek CEU approval for Septage haulers.

MDEQ Report– Ric reported on Groundwater Permits (20,000 gpd and less) review process and

representation at initial meeting. It was agreed that initial efforts would include public comment

on the permitting process. Meetings planned to be held at four locations in Michigan to garner

information on the groundwater permitting process. After the input, a sub-committee would meet

to go over the input, break down the permitting process and recommend a revised process. The

result would be improving the permitting process. (Revision of Part 22 Rules is not part of this

project.) There is discussion about the appropriate division to oversee the 20,000 gpd sites.

Currently the MDEQ District staff oversee compliance of permitted systems every 5 years. Ric’s

group could oversee these systems but no formal decisions have been made.

Septic Tank Riser & Lid Assemblies Advisory – Draft 5 of the Riser document was discussed

and edited to version 6. Motion by Ted support by Ric to approved as amended. Approved.


Future publications or studies: Discussion of the value of an advisory regarding electrical for

pump chambers & alarms. Ted suggested that a review process be initiated of the existing

documents and advisories. Regina inquired about the use of the documents, whether there is

widespread knowledge of the advisories. Regina will get the tank riser advisory to MEHA and

request publication in the newsletter.

58th Wastewater Conference: Ted identified an opportunity for a general session speaker for the

conference, i.e. there is an opening. Suggestions were given for topics and potential speakers.

Future meeting dates – February 10th, 2009 9:45 a.m. at MSU Agronomy Barn

Motion to adjourn by Ric and supported by Ted. Meeting adjourned at

12:20 p.m.

Approved at the 03-02-09 Meeting


Regina Young, Secretary