Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

December 6, 2006


Call to Order


Meeting held 9:45 a.m. on December 6, 2006 Michigan State University, Agronomy Farm.


Members and alternates present: Chuck Cousino, William Danly, Bob Deatrick, Tony Drautz,  Ric Falardeau, Ben Foster, Larry Johnson, Ron Lindsay, Ted Loudon, Del Mokma,  Dan Wagner and Regina Young.


Guests present: Laura Pobantz


Review of agenda. Add to the agenda a review of the TAC members list for verification. Approved.


Meeting Minutes Reviewed. Moved by Ben F. and support by Bill D. to approve the minutes as amended. Approved with changes unanimously.




Website Postings—Ted has revised with a new picture of the tape and distributed. Ben will post on the web.


Filter Fabric Suppliers list— Ted has eleven suppliers to provide on a list for posting to the  web. Regina reported that a report on geotextiles dated November 2006 was recently located. She will forward it the Ted for consideration.


Commercial Flow Study – Laura P. reported that an initial review of the data was performed. Data is a good start though additional detailed information will be needed to make the study meaningful. They will attempt to make some calls to get that information. Focus is on churches, schools, and restaurants. The project will be a winter project. Chuck suggested creating an outline for the group to look at prior to completing the study. Ted recommended starting small.


Septic Tank Installation Advisory—Tony provided a revised copy of the document. Motion by Regina Y. and second by Ted L. to approved the advisory. Approved unanimously. Tony will post on the MALEHA listserv. Larry will provide a listing of advisories available at on the meha website.


Concrete Septic Tank Manufacturer’s Association --- Dan reported that he has asked the members to read the new OWAP certification and get back to him. He has received no response. Dan believes that this apathy points to the need to have either a TAC or other authority to require the certification. Milan Vault now has submitted application for a number of the tanks they manufacturer. He provided for review during the meeting a Quality Control Manual, which they developed in accordance with the requirements of the OWAP program. Milan is awaiting for inspections from OWAP. Dan identified that the program involves documentation and has resulted in improvements to their tanks and processes. Equipment purchases and engineering costs were involved, however they are the cost of doing business.


Discussion of the value of the certification and how to implement it as a requirement. Consensus that the implementation has many roadblocks including political support, and costs. Discussion of methods to get the word out. One suggestion that need to start with consensus of various groups of the concern followed by small steps to begin certification. Ted will look at agenda of the Wastewater Conference to add this to the conference.


Training Center Update --- Ted is awaiting a response from the Michigan Ground Water Association (MGWA) to discuss a well training program.


MDEQ Community Systems --- A meeting has been held on November 22, 2006 with the local health departments to discuss a guidance document. They agreed on a two-phase process. Work out the regulatory responsibilities. First the group will form a consensus on the regulatory structure. DEQ will propose to LHD for review. Following would be the creation of a guidance document at which time other groups will be involved for input. Ric reported that some townships are enacting local ordinances regarding community systems and one local health department is working on a code as well.


Review member list-- Regina will send out the members’ list.


Grab Samples---Ted and Del will work on an outline before the next meeting. Discuss an ultimate target completion date for the document of next Fall.


The purpose would be to educate on applications of and limitations of grab samples.


Regulatory Structure—Ric has sent out the revised document with revised names of agencies.

Ben will update the structure on the website.


Wastewater Conference--- Ted reported that conference is January 9, 10, & 11.




MWEA- The On-site Subcommittee will be working on a receiving facility siting or planning guide.


Next Meeting: January 30, 2007 at the Agronomy Barn at 9:45 a.m.


Meeting adjourned at 12 NOON



Regina Young, Secretary