Meeting Minutes

Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

January 30, 2008





Meeting held at 9:45 am in MSU Agronomy Barn (small conference room).


Larry Johnson generously volunteered to serve as Secretary in Regina’s absence.


Members & alternates present: Chuck Cousino, Tony Drautz, Larry Johnson, Ted Loudon, Ron Lindsay, Jim Kovalak, Ric Falardeau, Ben Foster, Dan Wagner, Laura Pobanz


Guest- William “Bill” Foster


Review of agenda. Approved.


Meeting Minutes of October 29, 2007 Reviewed.  Correction – Gene Paez added as guest.  Motion by Larry Johnson and support by Ron Lindsay to approve the minutes. Motion approved.





Website postings – Regina to put TAC logo on OWAP document and send to Ben.  Ben will post it on the website.  Ben to update and make corrections to Tank Inspection/Installation document and post it on the website.  Regina to update TAC members list and send to Ben for website posting (changes under New Business).


Commercial Flow Study – Laura Pobanz from the MCHD presented an update on this item.  She indicated that so far 11 local Health Departments have responded to their call for data.  Gary White and Laura are evaluating the data and will be putting a report together and will submit a first draft to the TAC hopefully yet this spring.  Early analysis of the data indicates that, in many instances, the new data is similar to what is already published in the Michigan Criteria.


Concrete Manufacturers Association – NPCA expo is coming up in Feb. in Denver.  At this point, Dan W. is planning to attend.  Dan also attended the winter ASTM meeting and was appointed to a committee that sets national standards for all precast concrete products.  Dan indicated that due to established process & procedures, changes to ASTM standards take place “very slowly”.


Tollgate Training Center (MOWTEC) – A volunteer “Work day” is needed to improve the existing exhibits.  Ron L. is to draft a letter regarding the TAC support of the necessary improvements to the center.

 Ted suggested that a plan needs to be formulated for the future of the MOWTEC.  He will not be involved with the center forever, and a plan must be developed if it is to survive.  Ted also indicated that with Del Mokma’s resignation from the TAC and his retirement from MSU, he will also no longer be affiliated with the center; thus we will loose both of our representatives with MSU.  Each member will be responsible for speaking with their respective organizations regarding suggestions for the future of the MOWTEC and will report back at the next meeting.  Chuck mentioned that MEHA may be a good organization to take over as it would lend credibility from the regulatory side.  Ben stated that MSU should stay involved and that a meeting may need to be arranged with the MSU Extension Service regarding the future of keeping the facility in its current location.  Ted said that the TAC set up the center in 1996 and it has been basically self funded through registration fees.  Currently there is a $23,000 surplus held in an MSU account controlled by Ted that is to be used for MOWTEC related activities.


MDEQ Report– Ric passed out the recent MDEQ publication “Regulatory Authority and Responsibilities Pertaining to Community Wastewater Systems”.   A Technical guidance document still needs to be developed as an addendum to this publication.  Ric requested that TAC members approach their respective organizations regarding representation on a possible workgroup or committee to develop the tech. guidance document.

Motion by Ted Loudon for TAC to proceed as facilitator to develop tech. guidance document for Community Systems and communicate with TAC member organizations to determine representatives to work on it.  Support by Dan Wagner.  Motion approved.

Senator Birkholz is moving forward with legislation regarding mandatory statewide septic system inspections/Point of Sale.  MALEHA has met with Sen. Birkholz.  Fee package is moving forward in the legislature.  Ric stated that in 1999-2000 there were 38,000 sewage permits being issued annually.  In 2007, 17,500 sewage permits were issued statewide.  The Upper Peninsula has stayed somewhat consistent with prior years, but they are traditionally slow to begin with.


Grab Sampling document – Final revisions were made to the draft document.  Chuck will update the document and email to Regina for final formatting & logo placement.  Motion by Larry Johnson to approve the document as revised.  Support by Ron Lindsay.  Vote to be via email once final edit revisions are made.


Septic Tank Risers document – First draft completed by Jim Kovalak.  Ron and Jim to continue working on a second draft for distribution at the next meeting.





Wastewater Conference  

508 registered and 480 attended.  Attendance down slightly from 2007 (554 registered)


New member group representatives – MSTA has one vacancy.  Jim K. will try to find another volunteer from MSTA to serve on TAC.   MOWRA – Ron Lindsay is new representative and Ben Foster is now the alternate.  Wastewater Industry Liasion – Dan Wagner is new representative.  Regina to update list and send to Ben.


Future meeting dates – To be determined via email.



Motion to adjourn by Larry Johnson and supported by Dan Wagner.  Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.


Approved (via email vote) 7-2-08