Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

July 22, 2004


Meeting held, July 22, 2004 at Michigan State University, Agronomy Farm.


Members and alternates present:  Larry  Stephens, Chuck Cousino, Del Mokma, Ric Falardeau, Dan Stock, Tony Drautz, and Ron Lindsay.


Guests present:  None


Meeting called to order by Chuck Cousino, Chairman.


Motion by Dan Stock, support by Del Mokma, that the minutes of the June 8, 2004 meeting be approved as distributed.  Motion carried.





Filter Fabric Specifications for Use Over Drainfields --- Ben is not in attendance.  Ben did say that he has mailed the inquiry letter to several manufacturers, but it is unknown whether he has received any responses.    


Commercial Flow Study --- Del discussed again the preliminary information collected by a student.  Work will continue on this effort.  But due to the changeover in students as a result of graduation, the effort has slowed.


Site Compaction Advisory --- Ted discussed his effort to obtain some caution tape with specific wording on it regarding drainfield sites.  Ted or Del will send Larry the electronic version of this document and Larry will send it to Ben for posting on the MOWRA website.  Signs are available for purchase through the Training Center.


Link to Wisconsin Website on Product Approvals --- The link to the Wisconsin website on product approvals in Wisconsin is now posted on the MOWRA website for those that want to access that information.  It is not very easy to use.  Members are asked to look it over before the next meeting so that we may have some discussion on how to make the link easier to use.


Michigan Concrete Tank Association --- Dan Wagner is absent, but Dan reported that this effort to establish standards for tank manufacturing is moving forward, along with the establishment of this new association.  Anyone interested in this effort should contact Dan Wagner at Milan Vault.


Training Center --- Larry completed a recent summary of MOWTEC Training Activities for the first 4 years of operation.  Attached is a copy of his summary.


Statewide Code --- Ric and Larry - The white paper to summarize the results of the Taskgroup discussions has been written and the taskgroup is now reviewing and commenting back to DEQ on its content.  Ric says that another meeting of the Taskgroup is expected in the near future to finalize the white paper.




Cluster Systems --- Ric discussed with TAC members a policy that DEQ now has with regard to the requirements for O & M for cluster systems (privately owned community systems).  This is outlined in a June 10th memorandum from Richard Powers, DEQ Water Division Chief.  Ric passed around a copy of the memo.


DEQ is now developing some guidelines for Local Health Departments with regard to the administration of this policy. 


Should the TAC now modify the old “Guidance Document for Local Units of Government” on this matter?  Members are asked to review the old document before the next meeting so we can answer this question.


Regulatory Structure Document --- Perhaps this publication should be revisited and modified to reflect the new DEQ fee structure.  We will look at this at a future meeting.


Mound Guidelines --- Larry expressed some concern regarding the application of the DEQ Mound Guidelines, specifically as they relate to the linear loading rate.  Del will look over the Mound Guidelines Worksheet and discuss with Larry.




August 30, 2004 (Rescheduled for Sept. 8th)


Location --- To be announced.




Future Meetings – Chuck will send out a memorandum with some prospective dates for future meetings for everyone to look over before setting the dates.





                                                                                    Larry D. Stephens, P.E., Sec.



July, 2000 – April, 2004

Page 1


Total of 25 training sessions held --- 16 cancelled due to lack of registrants.



                                                                                   Sessions Held                    Sessions Cancelled             

Onsite 101 ---                                                        5                                              5


Advanced Design ---                                           1


Soils ---                                                                  6                                              3


Onsite Systems Maintenance ---                       3                                              3


Existing System Evaluator ---                             9                                              4


Pumped System Evaluator ---                             1                                              1

                                                                         =====                                     =====

                                                                                                25                                            16


Total attendance --- 407


Onsite 101 ---                                                        94


Advanced Design ---                                           14


Soils ---                                                                 92


Onsite Systems Maintenance ---                       41


Existing System Evaluator ---                             149


Pumped System Evaluator ---                             17


Total ---                                                                  407         




Regulatory vs Private Sector:


Regulatory --- 114 Attendees --- 28%


Private Sector --- 293 Attendees --- 72%






July, 2000 – April, 2004

Page 2



Regulatory Attendance --- 93 Individuals from LHD’s and 3 from DEQ & DNR


Onsite 101 ---                                                        16


Advanced Design ---                                           3


Soils ---                                                                  48


Onsite Systems Maintenance ---                       12


Existing System Evaluator ---                             28


Pumped System Evaluator ---                             7


Total ---                                                             114  Session Attendees (96 individuals)*


* 12 people attended 2 sessions

    2 people attended 3 sessions

    1 person attended 4 sessions       



Where did they come from?                (25 training sessions --- July, 2000 thru April, 2004)


1.        Genesee                                                 1

2.        Bay                                                         1

3.        DHD #2                                                  1

4.        Midland                                                 1

5.        LMAS                                                    2

6.        DHD #4                                  2

7.        Barry-Eaton                                           2

8.        Ottawa                                                   2

9.        Saginaw                                                 2

10.     DHD #10                                                2

11.     Lapeer                                                    2

12.     Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joe                      2

13.     Delta-Menominee                                2

14.     Mid-Michigan      DHD                       2

15.     Muskegon                                             2

16.     MDEQ & MDNR                  3

17.     Ingham                                                   3






July, 2000 – April, 2004

Page 3


1.        Kalamazoo                                             4

2.        Western U.P. DHD                              4

3.        Washtenaw                                           4

4.        Monroe                                                  5

5.        Macomb                                                5

6.        Livingston                                             6

7.        Shiawassee                                           6

8.        Wayne                                                   14

9.        Oakland                                                 16


                                                                Total ---                  96





* Attendance information furnished by Barb DeLong, MSU, July, 2004