Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

June 19, 2002


Meeting held June 19, 2002 at Michigan State University, Crop and Soil Science Building.


Members and alternates present:   Ted Loudon, Del Mokma, Ric Falardeau, Scott Ross, Gary White, Ron Lindsay, Larry Stephens, & Chuck Cousino.


Guests present:   None


Meeting called to order by Chuck Cousino, Chairman.


Minutes of the May 15, 2002 meeting were discussed.  Motion by Ted, support by Scott, that minutes be approved as mailed out.  Motion carried.




Web Site - All of the information on the TAC is now on the MOWRA web site.  It needs a little organization yet, and Larry has been communicating with Ben Foster and his son regarding this.  Larry will stay in touch with Ben until the site is reorganized.


Wastewater Flow Study - Ted - Flow study is coming along.  Any members that have additional flow data should get it to Ted soon.  Some data has been accumulated by those using remote telemetry units to monitor onsite systems.  This information may be helpful to Ted.


MWEA Membership on the TAC --- Chuck has been in touch with MWEA members that attended a recent TAC meeting and their participation is still being considered.  Chuck will invite MWEA representatives to attend the next TAC meeting.


DEQ Mound Guidelines --- DEQ is still working on their draft of these guidelines.  Ric hopes to be able to bring a draft copy to the next TAC meeting for review and comment.


Ingham Conservation Center --- Ted will be attending a meeting of the Board of Directors of this project this week.  He will be discussing the possibility of installing a constructed wetland for wastewater treatment, and the use of their facility for future training activities.


Sanitarians Ready-Reference --- Gary is still collecting information from the various members for the preparation of a consolidated draft of this document.  Members are reminded to get their portion of this work to Gary by the end of June.  Gary will discuss with MEHA the possibility of separating the wastewater material into an entirely separate manual.  Members discussed the status of their work.  Our goal is to have this document in final form by our September 25th meeting.


Proposed Standards for Septic Tank Quality --- Ted is working on a draft of a standard for septic tank quality in the state that could, and hopefully will, eventually be adopted as a regulation at some level. 


Commercial Flow Study --- Should the TAC try to fund a flow study for commercial facilities?  Members should list for the next meeting the tasks that should be included in such a study.  Members discussed possible ways to fund such a study. 




Study of Recirculating Sand Filter performance in Michigan --- Should the TAC conduct some type of an evaluation of the performance of recirculating sand filters in Michigan?  After some discussion, no action was taken.




Next Meeting - August 7th, 2002.


Location --- MSU, unless changed by written notice.




Future Meeting Date:            September 25th, 2002.



Meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM.





                                                                                    Larry D. Stephens, P.E., Sec.