Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

June 8, 2004


Meeting held, June 8, 2004 at Michigan State University, Turfgrass Research Center.


Members and alternates present: Ted Loudon, Del Mokma, Larry Stephens, Chuck Cousino, Dan Wagner, Gary White, Garry Rowe, Wayne Kukuk, Dan Stock, Tony Drautz, and Ron Lindsay.


Guests present:  None


Meeting called to order by Chuck Cousino, Chairman.


Motion by Ted, support by Dan Wagner, that the minutes of the April 28, 2004 meeting be approved as distributed, with a minor correction. 





Filter Fabric Specifications for Use Over Drainfields --- Ben is not in attendance.  Ben did say that he has mailed the inquiry letter to several manufacturers, but has not yet received responses.   Ted distributed a draft of a proposed narrative to be used in a TAC advisory on the subject.  The language was reviewed and some minor revisions suggested.  After some further discussion on this subject, it was decided to wait to hear from Ben before proceeding. 


Commercial Flow Study --- Ted discussed again the preliminary information collected by a student.  Work will continue on this effort.  But due to the changeover in students as a result of graduation, the effort has slowed.


Residential Flow Study --- This flow study is now posted on the MOWRA website under TAC Information. 


Site Compaction Advisory --- Ted discussed his effort to obtain some caution tape with specific wording regarding drainfield sites.  So far, this effort has not been successful.  Some are just using the yellow caution tape that is readily available.  Ted or Del will send Larry the electronic version of this document and Larry will send it to Ben for posting on the MOWRA website.  Signs are available for purchase through the Training Center (contact Del Mokma at MSU).


Link to Wisconsin Website on Product Approvals --- Larry still needs to ask Ben to put a link to this Wisconsin website on the MOWRA website for those that want to access that information.  Larry will need the website address from Ric.


Michigan Concrete Tank Association --- Dan Wagner reported that this effort to establish standards for tank manufacturing in Michigan is now receiving some interest from the industry.  Another meeting of the Michigan Concrete Septic Tank Association is scheduled for July 16th.  Anyone interested in this effort should contact Dan Wagner at Milan Vault.


TAC members contributed much discussion to the need for the use of watertight septic tanks in our onsite systems here in Michigan.  Several recent experiences with leaking tanks were shared with Dan.


Training Center --- Ted discussed further the need for updating the hands-on exhibits at the Training Center. 


Statewide Code --- Ric, Ted, Chuck and Larry - Those involved on the Taskgroup reported on the results of the first round of meetings of the Taskgroup.  A “White Paper” to summarize the results of the Taskgroup discussions has been written and the taskgroup is now reviewing and commenting back to DEQ on its content.  This is expected to lead to the draft of some enabling legislation to start the code development process.


Revision of Guidance Document for Cluster Systems --- DEQ is still working on how to handle Part 41 permits, but has not come to any decision in the matter.




Report on Drip System Seminar --- Ron Lindsay – Ron attended a recent Drip System seminar sponsored by NOWRA.  He reported on the content of this two-day meeting.





Next Meeting – July 22, 2004


Location --- MSU, Agronomy Farm




Future Meeting Dates:  


                August 30, 2004




                                                                                    Larry D. Stephens, P.E., Sec.