Meeting Minutes

Technical Advisory Council for

Onsite Wastewater Treatment

May 14, 2009


Meeting held at 10 a.m. in MSU Agronomy Barn (conference room).

Members & alternates present: Chuck Cousino MOWRA, Ric Falardeau MDEQ, Randy Gregory, MEHA, Ted Loudon, MOWRA, Regina Young, MEHA, Dan Wagner, Steve Williams, MWEA.

Guest Present: Liz Braddock for Tony Drautz

Review of agenda. Delete MEHA Conference update; add Riser and Lid Assembly document discussion

Review of Minutes: Motion by Ted L. to accept, second by Steve W. to accept the minutes with minor revisions.

Thank you to Oakland County for graphic design work for TAC.

OLD BUSINESS-Action items in bold & italicized text.

Septic Tank Riser & Lid Assembly—Ted brought forward a couple of questions

Website postings – Website is up to date. Chuck reported that MOWRA will not be using services of NOWRA for web management. Consequently, MOWRA will continue to keep the TAC Information section of the web up to date.

Commercial Flow Study – Ric & Ted looked at the data to determine if a guidance document could be drafted from it. There appears to be merit in using the data in a general sense. Ric is seeking communication with Laura in order to meet with her and the statistician that drafted the report. Chuck inquired about creating a one or two page synopsis including the conclusions and including a link to the full data. Ted felt that the document must include a coefficient of variation rather than only averages. Chuck will send out an email to Laura, Ric and Ted in order to prompt the scheduling of a meeting.

Tollgate Training Center (MOWTEC) Workdays scheduled for Thursday June 4th starting around 8:30 a.m. Ted needs a commitment for 8 or 10 people in order to accomplish the list of activities to be completed. Discussion of the Norweco system and its potential installation at the training center. Some discussion regarding the Hoot system. There are a number of suspended growth systems available. Ted is not concerned about brand name. Dan and Ted will inquire about the installation of a system.

MOWTEC sustainability: Ted is submitting his letter of resignation this afternoon. The form letter for use by the affiliates of TAC to send to MSU was reviewed and edits suggested. Ted will incorporate changes and email to Regina for distribution to TAC members. Regina will email Ted on June 2nd if she doesn’t see anything by then.

MDEQ Report–MDEQ Process Improvement workshop was held the first part of April. Documentation of the meeting’s outcome is in the form of a proposed revised process. After receipt of comments from various groups, the next step is a meeting with the sponsors. Steve identified that it appears to address the concerns observed consulting industry. General discussion was held.

Discussion of legislative actions such as SB45 and the limitation of funding or resources were held.

Ric reported that a number of developer bankruptcies for privately owned public (community systems) have been observed. The remaining users (Association) continue to bear the responsibility of operation and maintenance. Users are often unaware of these responsibilities.

EPA Region V is hosting a forum on June 10 & 11th regarding surface discharge systems and managing subsurface systems. Ric will email out information to TAC group.

Review of TAC Publications – Chuck will email the TAC group in order to begin a review of the following publications: Wiring of Residential Septic Tank Effluent Pumping Systems, Intermittent Sand Filters, & Recirculating Sand Filters. Ric discussed non-residential wiring and the level of requirements required. He suggested that the wiring document expand to include non-residential.


Future publications or studies: Discussion regarding anti-bacterial soaps. Rather than starting new publications, Regina inquired about the potential of strategic planning and the value of focusing our energies to accomplish our mission. Regina will send Chuck a word document to Chuck regarding this concept.

Future meeting dates –August 6, 2009 9:45 a.m. at MSU Agronomy Barn (meeting was re-scheduled to 9-17-09)

Motion to adjourn by Steve and supported by Dan.

Meeting adjourned at 12 p.m.

Approved at the 09-17-09 Meeting