Meeting Minutes

Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

October 10, 2008


Meeting held at 10 am in MSU Agronomy Barn (conference room).

Members & alternates present: Chuck Cousino, Tony Drautz, Ben Foster, Jim Kovalak,

Ted Loudon, Dan Sandahl, Dan Wagner, Steve Williams, & Regina Young.

Guest Present: Laura Pobanz for Gary White Macomb County

Review of agenda. Motion by Dan, Support by Ted to accept agenda. Approved.


Website postings –up to date. No action needed.

Commercial Flow Study – Laura Pobanz reported that Scott adapted draft study to

include comments from the group and to address format. Ted commented that

information is useful and appears to support the MCSSD. Ted suggested looking at

churches and whether or not an adjustment in flows in the MCSSD is warranted. Ted is

interested in having a standard deviation or confidence interval so that you know the

variability of the data. Discussion of church figure shown in Michigan Criteria column

should reflect the 3 and 7.5 gpd in the criteria rather than the current 5.5 averaged figure.

Discussion of use of the information and intended purpose as another tool when

designing systems. Suggestions for footnotes to explain the peak water usage and the

restaurant peak. Laura will adapt final comments into document and email to group for

final approval in the December meeting.

Septic Tank Risers document – Jim MSTA provided comments and suggestions for

changes or improvements to the document. Group discussion and edits were suggested.

Ron & Chuck will make edits and publish via email

Tollgate Training Center (MOWTEC) – Discussion of draft letter to MSU department

head regarding support and assignment of a faculty member to administer the facility.

Comments regarding potential edits to the letter were given. Steve and Ted will work on

draft letter and distribute to group for affiliate organization support. John Foley, a private

consultant in Oakland County, is interested in a storm water program at MOWTEC. Tony

reported that MGWA executive director is meeting with MDEQ and there is limited

interest in having a water supply component at Tollgate. Discussion was held on the

potential installation of additional components and seeking suppliers of proprietary

devices for donation of equipment. Dan W. & Ron L. will continue to seek donations

from manufacturers. A workgroup may be formed for improvements at MOWTEC in late

March with consideration given to annual conference dates of various affiliates.

MDEQ Report– Dan reported that progress is being made on the 20,000 gpd community

system process. Legislation regarding sewage code is on hold until first part of next year.

Difficulties in passing such legislation are associated with lack of funding.


Brief discussion to advise the group that MDEQ is conducting a Groundwater Permits

Process improvement assessment. Four affiliates MOWRA, MEHA, MALEHA &

MWEA are participating.

Future advisory suggestion. Jim suggested consideration of document to address electric

junction boxes inside risers. Jim is observing issues with failure of boxes. Jurisdiction is

unclear. Ron had previously worked on electrical issues and explained that residential

systems are technically “unclassified” under the electrical code, however there is a need

to protect any connections from moisture and corrosion. A minimum NEMA 4 splice box

should be used in the riser, but are not designed for immersion. NEMA 6 needed for

immersion. Steve agreed that document would be a good idea.

Future meeting dates – December 9, 2008, 9:45 a.m. at MSU Agronomy Barn. (Edit

added. Meeting Date December 16th 9:45 a.m.)

Motion to adjourn by Regina and supported by Ron. Meeting adjourned at

12:15 p.m.

Approved at 12-16-08 Meeting


Regina Young, Secretary