Meeting Minutes

Technical Advisory Council


Onsite Wastewater Treatment

April 2, 2008





Meeting held at 10:10  am in MSU Agronomy Barn (large conference room).


Members & alternates present: Chuck Cousino, Tony Drautz, Larry Johnson, Jim Kovalak, Dan Wagner, Regina Young 


Quorum not achieved. No voting will occur.




Website postings – Chuck reported that the website postings are current.


Commercial Flow Study – No report


Concrete Manufacturers Association – Dan W. attended the NPCA Expo in Feb. in Denver, CO.  Dan also attended the standard septic tank meeting regarding concrete and plastic tanks. There are more concrete tank manufacturers offering a warranty now than ever before. Warranty is accompanied by required installation document. ASTM C27 Committee process is ongoing and expected to be a long-term process. The loading rate on the top of the tank is being re-considered. Lowering of the assumed soil pre-load rate will make it easier for manufacturers to meet minimum loading requirements.


Dan has sought input from the Michigan Concrete Septic Tank Association members regarding the continued involvement of the association. Until there is a tank performance requirement of the septic tank manufacturers, voluntary movement from the industry to become OWAP accredited is not occurring. Manufacturers’ concerns regarding implementation of a voluntary performance standard have not been defined. Group discussion regarding the issue and costs of leaky tanks, the NPCA OWAP program, potential manufacturer concerns, quality assurance, improved product and effects to the community followed.



MEHA Report – Larry J. reported that MEHA fully supports MOWTEC but MEHA cannot administrate or operate the center. MEHA appointed Larry and Regina to sit on the Community System Technical Guidance document committee.


MALEHA Report-Tony D. reported from MALEHA’s February 22, 2008 minutes. MOWTEC was discussed and MALEHA supports the center. The financial responsibilities, questions as to whether would MSU allow others to administer, and the concept of other potential training center locations were all discussed. MALEHA’s position regarding the community system technical guidance document was discussed. There is need for internal alignment at MDEQ before the project is undertaken. 


MDEQ Report– None from MDEQ. Chuck discussed MDEQ relative to the discharge standards.


MOWTEC Report- Discussion on the need for Ted to work on a written plan addressing the sustainability of the training center.


Grab Sampling document – final document was issued after email votes received.


Septic Tank Risers document – draft 2 was emailed 4-1-08. Chuck will email group to solicit responses so that the document can be wrapped up as soon as possible.





Future meeting dates – To be conducted via email and looking at first week of May.


Meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.